If I loved you ..

What …….if ‘you’ were here ..

and not only in my thoughts

seeking the cause of this blaze-fire

all within …

we both would breathe on and on and on

no stopping …


Through the days of my heart ,

living merrily out of woe

breaking thy swinging maturity

step by step ..

If I loved ‘you’

There were no chance

I could miss to case ,

the childhood

full of lovely chase .

If I loved you .,,

like nowhere to be bound

you be all set free

and me….. being thy ground

of cultivating happiness

Why do you shy baby …

Why do you cry …

thats only a play ,

gonna end soon ,

freaking out doesnt help it

but there is ONLY one love

that soothes ….

ONLY… if I loved you …

for you ….you are me ..

and I………. your soul ‘

leading NOW….

leading whole …

If I loved you …

you were to be called , my ‘self- esteem’

THE which I lost ..

and the ONE I found

lying somewhere behind the darkness…..

picked it up ,

brushed the dirt ..

and now …. see !! brand new !

But now ..

I Love ‘you ‘ , even more

filling up the left-love

which I could have ….




Heart w/o brain

If I had known , the bitterness

That engulfs my nightly hours , at times

May be.. The love you got

Could have never been mine..

Smiling amidst the woes

Laughing behind the shine

Upon my own laws of love .

That made a perfect sense..

On the path

Whose i chose to go behind..

Littering the bits of my own skin ..

That got used to your soul

Much …to drill a hole out of my morals

To take up the untouched , the fresh

That matters now whole..

Dont you dare to ever step inside..

The form may be any..

But not divine..

Will never get me , soul!

may be.. You sell it highly priced..

But that is something ,

The world never negotiates over..


That is

the heart w/o brain..

The heart w/o brain ..

The heart w/o brain..


Badi kamaal hai ..

Sunder to vo hai hi ..

Kya kehne !

Sakuchi si kabhi anterman me ,

Kabhi ban jaye dhaal hai …

Teekhi sune, to Rudan kare ..

Par muskaati badi kamaal hai ..


Gusse ki meri jaankaar ,

Khul jaye nind tagdi ,

Sun lu jiski payal ki jhankaar ,

Haskar jo taal de gussa,

yukti bemisaal hai ,

Teekhi Sune , to rudan kare ..

Par muskaati badi kamaal hai ..


Koi jaye na jaye ..

Vo nahi jani chahiye ..

Dill ki Roushan hai jo ,aur

Humm jissee malaamaal hai ,

Koi or nahi , ‘Maa’ hai meri

Dil haarkar , jaan nisaaar hai ,

Seh legi sab ,

Kare ek na ucchhaar hai (will utter not even a word )

Teekhi Sune , to Rudan kare

Parr muskaati baddi kamaal hai


Maange hai mujhse kuch bhi nahi ,

Par mera samay ,

Taki badle hum aachaar -vichaar hain

Uljhi hui hu khud me jo ,

Padi vyastataa ki maar hai ,

Roothegi vo , Dil ko kootegi vo ,

Phir kahegi ,” ye sab teri CHAAL hai “

Teekhi sune to rudan kare ,

Par muskaati badi kamaal hai ….

Muskaati badi kamaal hai …..