If I loved you ..

What …….if ‘you’ were here ..

and not only in my thoughts

seeking the cause of this blaze-fire

all within …

we both would breathe on and on and on

no stopping …


Through the days of my heart ,

living merrily out of woe

breaking thy swinging maturity

step by step ..

If I loved ‘you’

There were no chance

I could miss to case ,

the childhood

full of lovely chase .

If I loved you .,,

like nowhere to be bound

you be all set free

and me….. being thy ground

of cultivating happiness

Why do you shy baby …

Why do you cry …

thats only a play ,

gonna end soon ,

freaking out doesnt help it

but there is ONLY one love

that soothes ….

ONLY… if I loved you …

for you ….you are me ..

and I………. your soul ‘

leading NOW….

leading whole …

If I loved you …

you were to be called , my ‘self- esteem’

THE which I lost ..

and the ONE I found

lying somewhere behind the darkness…..

picked it up ,

brushed the dirt ..

and now …. see !! brand new !

But now ..

I Love ‘you ‘ , even more

filling up the left-love

which I could have ….




Published by Pragya Pachouri


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