A friendly_known man..

You know what..!?

I ll tell you a short story ,that i got..

The story of a girl,

Cute with curls..

Managing hard to ride the cycle…

Perhaps trying to balance and recycle..

Something called wheels of two hearts..

Though apart.. but joined by art…

The art of love?!

Never knew..would be so tough..!!

Suddenly.. was rocked by a smaaall -stone

Now …seeking for someone ..unless got crossed by an unknown.

Bleeding with wounds …

She called that friendly_looking ‘boon’

Hardly she knew…that the same salt_blended stone would try to fix her issue..

She yelled,” dont you see am already in pain.. “

And the way you are upto..would go in vain..”.

“stop it…or will throw a shoe…,

Get lost.. who the hell are you..?!”

“Either you are unknown to how to treat a pain..

Or you are that friend . hurting deliberatly ..without a shame..”

she pushed him away.. trying to get upon the cycle..

He pulled her back..and said..”

I didnt had an idea..

I was just trying to help..,

Dont you misunderstand me…

Or put doubts on shelves..

will call a doctor and safely leave you back..

I apologize…i wont repeat that .!”

She thought..” may be he is a psycho..or gone mad..”

But she liked the way he apologized..

And here …ends the story of

an absurd friendly_known man..!!!

#i doubt_u _ll _understaND the concept .XD

#hope _u _all_still_like_it.

Published by Pragya Pachouri


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