Why Rush…???

please take care of yourselves ….. But don’t panic …we all are fighting together

Don’t Panic peeps..


Its just a virus ..

Why Rush..???

Get up in the morning ,

Pick up your tooth- brush!

Empty your stomach .

and FLush….(hihi)

Keep your hand sanitized , frequently ,

keep your body Un-touched ..

Just Don’t Panic …

BUt TrUSt!!

Its just a virus ..


Nudge yourself ..

to practice social distancing ..

Follow the National Lockdown …

and hope for good news Flashing..

Any serious health problem ?

Go to the nearest doctor and discuss..

Just don’t panic ..


Its just a virus ..

Why Rush??

Work from Home ..

and wish everyone luck ..

explore your hidden creativity …

Dont chuck

the garbage …just like that!

Else you ll pay for that ..

Observe the curfew..

Avoid overthinking about the death tolls rigorously

Avoid Crowd gather,

Else might sneeze and cough continuously..

Whatever may be the situation ,

Keep calm,

and TRUST..

But don’t panic , humans..

Its Just a Virus …

“Made In China ” ( of thought that all chinese products are short-living ,cheap , and poor of quality , though will show all the features matching the original and standard products.)

Then …..

Why Rush ?? ( Got the title from the word ‘VI-RUS’ , sounding similar to ‘ Y -Rush’ ‘ and ultimately ‘WHY RUSH ?’)




Published by Pragya Pachouri


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