The Time

Just got shifted to a new flat..

The day ..ofcourse… started with the collection of tats..

Showing them their places ,

Didn’t even stand and stretch ,

Neither properly sat..

Leaving the traffic of Banglore ripped off..

My cab hustled towards the destined domain

Little I had irritation ..little was in pain..

Thinking of the efforts put in shifting..

Thinking ..”What about the ‘advance‘ (the advance money paid before occupying a paying guest) ,if it goes in vein!? ”

But then ,My Man was standing at the welcome door..

Ready to pick ..all my stress..all my stuffs

Relieved got I , …to the brain beneath my hair puff.. (hehe)

A short smile did set everything right..

to that every wrong thing which had held me tight…

And a tight hug …from him…

And a kiss on the forehead..

Made my day…

As….. He was there at level four..(4th floor)

And I .. took the first one .(1st ) and started exploring , to the core..

Now hastily dialled the number ,

Called my mom..and said,”

Just got shifted to the new flat “..

Everything is new…

The wardrobe, the doors,

The pelmets and the floor..

Including the agreement. Soon …all these measurable materials would be mine..

Except one thing ..



Published by Pragya Pachouri


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