From live-in to living without you…

Life showed many ups and downs ..

Someday like a queen ..

Sometimes like a clown..

The river of love is perennial ..no doubt

But stuck somewhere …

Forcing itself for a throughway .

Die hard…

struggling to get lighted and perform outstanding

Rolling in the loops of losts and foundings..

Too tough to be apart…

still drenched so much…could feel the art..!

maybe someday.. it will make a cut -through or breaks the rocks of misunderstandings..

Little did I know…but these thoughts keep me haunting..

Coz somewhere … Feel the fear to lose you .

Wish to be the leaves…and you ,being the drops of dew..!

delved within..could feel the aroma

That smells like sweat..

Come again …come over..

Would make you feel the best..

And this time…would never let you go..


Published by Pragya Pachouri


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