Let it go..

They are pearls,

Pearls of  water ,


Watered with emotions ,

Emotionally enhanced,

Let them roll ..

Let them scroll..

Down the slope of the cheeks..

For your cheeks aren’t to get  bowled.



At times,stringed to the heart ,

At times hinged to the scars ,

Make us feel ,too have a heart ..

When heavy ,come down  with a blow..

Errr !! Dont panic.! Let them flow…

Flow out from the heart..

For your heart is to glow ..


Let it go..

Let them show ,how you feel ..

For your feelings matter!

Matter of time,space,emotions ..

Time ……..to move on…

Space…… to explore..

And emotions?…yeah!

And emotions to regenerate noth’r couple of t’em…

But this time ,

Negating the sadness,

Sadness of the heart ..

Heart …full of hush..!

To heal the scars of the war you owed

Let it go..!



Published by Pragya Pachouri


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