In short-I Love You!


I said,”You are the mass of water 

eroding the bedrock,falling tremendously, spectacular

with cascading style orchids on its sides…..”just being caught!

He said,“….What?

I said,”You are the book ,full of stories creating

livelihood on my mind,guiding me throughout 

the grudges and woes“….”as an Armour against the foe…”

He said ,”Please!… Use some ‘light’ to throw..

I said,”Grammatically,Your voice is the superlative adjective 

for the word ‘melody’….“….”isn’t it a bless?

He said,”Gone psycho, I guess..

I said,”HEHE!….You are the one ,

for whom I refer to Rumi’s quotes….

He said,”Mad Girl,cute Sproat…!

I said,”YES! Mad?!- a lot!a lot in  your Love,

and this is how I would die ,into the love I have for you,

as pieces of clouds dissolve in the sunlight.“……………………”and now,

don’t you utter a word,or ask for a clue…”

All I wanted to say was……. in short I LOVE YOU!

Published by Pragya Pachouri


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